Company Publications

Our Corporation is also interested in publishing scientific works and can offer collaborations in data collection, below is our personal list of research publications.

Articles Published by NeuroTek:
1. James C. Wilson, Mitch Kesler, Sara-Lynn E. Pelegrin, LeAnna Kalvi, Aaron Gruber, Hendrik W. Steenland. Watching from a distance: A robotically controlled laser and real-time subject tracking software for the study of conditioned predator–prey-like interactions
(2015) Journal of Neuroscience Methods. link

Abstracts Published by NeuroTek in collaboration:
3. Euston D and Steenland HW, Hardware and Software platform for spatial sequential learning in rodents. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts (2015), 1 page submitted
2. Steenland HW. An unsupervised brain machine interface to study the maintenance of wakefulness in rodents. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts (2015), 1 page submitted.
1. Wilson J, Kesler M, Pelegrin SL, Kalvi L, Gruber A and Steenland, HW. A Robotically Controlled Laser and Real-Time Subject Tracking Software for the Study of Approach and Avoidance (2015). Society for Neuroscience Abstracts, 1 page submitted.