Low impedance EEG screw electrodes

NeuroTek constructs a small EEG electrode which consists of a stainless steel jeweler’s screw welded to a stainless steel lead contact. Electrodes can be easily turned into holes that have been pre-drilled in the skull. This product an be used for mice and rats and lead lengths should be specified. Different wires can also be specified. The common screw that we use is 000-120 thread and ~0.8mm OD, with a length of 2-3mm. Other screws can be specified for #000-160 or #00-80 threads. Requires slotted screw driver.

eeg electrode mouse

Recordings such as the one below can easily be obtained with low noise, as the electrodes
are of low impedance.

Electrodes can be attached to a head assembly or purchased separately, at your preference.