Fluid swivel coupler and holder

In-vivo electrophysiology is often conducted in the absence or pharmacological manipulation. Rather, manipulations of animal behavior are commonly conducted in conjunction with brain cell and brain wave recording. NeuroTek commutators are the only motorized commutators to have a through hole for drug delivery. Thus electrophysiological recordings can be performed in conjunction with drug delivery and behavioral manipulations.

NeuroTek offers a fluid swivel holder and coupler so that a our motorized commutator system can turn any commercially available fluid swivel. The coupler takes advantage of the motorization of the commutator, permitting the motor to turn the fluid swivel as the animal moves. This takes the strain off the drug delivery tubing which connects to the animal. The most common use of our fluid delivery coupler is for microdialysis.

The coupler mechanism takes advantage of the attraction between two strong rare earth magnets. The force of attraction of these magnets permits flexible alignment of the commutator holder with the coupler, and eliminates the tangling of fluid cables with the coupler.

Fluid swivel holder