18-80 Channel Motorized Commutator

The motorized commutator utilizes a magnetic hall-effect sensor which detects any
cable twisting when the animal moves. When twisting is detected the sensor signals
a controller board which activates a motor to adjust the commutator in the appropriate
direction to untwist the cable. These systems are designed specifically to be sensitive
for mice and rats. NeuroTek is excited to produce the only commercially
available motorized commutator which permits fluid delivery during electrophysiology


Part NumberCMTR-18-80-M-NT
SensitivityLow torque on the input connector. This means animals can be tethered with light weight cable, minimizing discomfort.
Channels18-80 Total depends on customer specification
Connector for animal leads 3M or Airborn Connectors
Flexible design
Connector for output to amplifiers or stimulators50 channel 3M connector
off the shelf digikey part
Dimensions7"X7"X ~11" height varies depending on channel counts
Fluid deliveryyes, but requires adaptor
MountingMounted using holes at the base of the commutator.
Required headstage gain1X