Collaborative Team: NeuroTek is open to collaboration with universities and interest groups to develop new products and avenues for neuroscience exploration. We will work with you to design and construct the application which best suits your scientific inquiry
XAVIER: is a collaborative project to produce commercially available brain –machine interface for both academic and medical use. NeuroTek has begun the production of servo controlled laser-beam (featured in the photo). This beam can move anywhere based on Cartesian coordinate input and can potentially be controlled by decoding the rodent brain. Designs for software and hardware control are on-going.

Education Initiative: We are interested in finding ways to educate young, aspiring, scientists in neurophysiology. One of the simplest ways to study the nervous system is through study of invertebrates (eg. insects). NeuroTek has begun its initiative to develop electrophysiology equipment for the study of insects.

Machine Shop: NeuroTek has a machine shop for prototyping our products and for developing custom products in collaboration with customers. Our operation includes; Lathing, Welding, Drilling and Milling.

3D-Modelling: Our business has expertise in modelling miniature microdrive parts for rodent experiments, custom design of machined parts for the neurosciences, design of parts for manufacture with stereolithography and injection moulding.

Electronic Design: Experts in printed circuit board layout, component soldering, circuit modelling, and electronic wiring. We will produce custom circuit boards for electrode interface, breakout boards, and boards for controlling apparatus in behavioral experiments.