18 Channel Non-Motorized Commutator

Non-Motorized commutators are used to untwist recording tethers from rodents through use of the animal’s actual torque applied to the recording tether. What this means is that the number of channels for the commutator must be kept low to minimize the required torque. Our non-motorized commutator should only be used with rats and we recommend that if higher channel counts are need that our customers consider the motorized versions. Finally we think that these non-motorized commutators are ideal for use with systems like OpenEphy and Triangle Biosystems where multiplexing is being used to reduce the number of channels in the recording tether. At a very economical price this is an excellent commutator to get you moving.

Part NumberCMTR-18-NM-NT
SensitivityLow torque on the input connector. This means animals can be tethered with light weight cable, minimizing discomfort.
Channels18 Total
Connector for animal leads 20 pin 3M connector
off the shelf digikey part
Connector for output to amplifiers or stimulators20 pin 3M connector
off the shelf digikey part
Dimensions3"X3"X5" very small
Fluid deliverynone, but inquire if interested in customization
Motornone, but inquire if interested
MountingCommutator can be supported by a retort stand. Also can be mounted using holes at the base of the commutator.
Required headstage gain1X