The fundamental unit of processing in the brain is the neuron. One of the most frequently used tools to uncover the function of these neurons is in-vivo electrophysiology. Extracellular action potential recording (unit or spike recording) is a popular method to explore the function of such neurons and requires equipment to minimize artifacts which can be generated during head movements. NeuroTek produces a small, light weight, electrical circuit, called a headstage. When interfaced with electrodes, the headstage will sample electrical activity from the brain and protect them from interference. The HSTG-36-S-NT is developed for use in mice and rats and has 4 passive electrical lines for brain stimulation.


X1 unity gain
Species of useCan be used for recordings in rats or other non-human animals
PowerSources power from the NeuroTek supply (+8V/-8V/G source)
LightStandard light emitting diode colour is yellow on board. Also has tracking sockets for LEDs
CompatibilityCompatible with other electrophysiology systems, including amplifiers and A-D converters (please inquire)
DimensionsDimensions 1" X 0.75"
Connector to commutator Omnetics connector output if needed, otherwise tether to reduce weight
Input connectorStandard connector is Omnetics A9436-001
Stimulation4 passive channels