The fundamental unit of processing in the brain is the neuron. One of the most frequently used tools to uncover the function of these neurons is in-vivo electrophysiology. Extracellular action potential recording (unit or spike recording) is a popular method to explore the function of such neurons and requires equipment to minimize artifacts which can be generated during head movements. NeuroTek produces a small, light weight, electrical circuit, called a headstage. When interfaced with electrodes, the headstage will sample electrical activity from the brain and protect them from interference.


X1 unity gain
Other gains (X2, X5, X10) on request
Species of useCan be used for recordings in rats or other non-human animals
PowerSources power from the NeuroTek supply (+8V/-8V/G source)
On-board power switchWhen both rails of the headstage reach the ideal voltage the headstage will switch on automatically. This protection ensures proper powering of the on-board amplifier
LightStandard light emitting diode colour is red, other colours are available.
CompatibilityCompatible with other electrophysiology systems, including amplifiers and A-D converters (please inquire)
DimensionsDimensions 1" X1"
Connector to commutator Standard connector is Harwin 20 pin latched connector.
Input connectorStandard connector is Mill-Max 18 pin