Adapting Us to You

NeuroTek products are adaptable to most companies. Below is a list of adaptors which permit adaptation of headstages and data acquisition systems to NeuroTek.
Companies include: Plexon, Neuralynx, OpenEphys and Triangle Biosystems. Feel free to ask us to custom design an adapter for any company.

Adapter NeuroTek CodeYour CompanyDescriptionImage
Adapt-Univ-50-NTANYAdapt commutator to any system.
USB2.0 Scope
Adapt USB2.0 microscope or video capture to NeuroTek Commutator. Also sends 28 channels of electrophys data Adapt-USB-Airborn-32-NT
Adapt-EP-32-NTIntan/Open Ephysiology
Adapts 32 Channel Neurotek commutator to 2 Intan headstages .
Adapt-TB-48-NTTriangle Biosystems Adapts 2 Triangle Biosystems headstage to the input of a 48 channel commutator.
Adapt-NL-96-NTNeuralynxAdapts 3 Neuralynx headstages to 96 channel NeuroTek commutator.
Adapts 2 8 channel NeuroTek Headstages,
Custom wired for Neuralynx
Adapt-PL-52-out-NTPlexon Adapts 52 channel NeuroTek commutator, receiving input from 2 Plexon headstages, to a Plexon cable.
Adapt-PL-52-in-NTPlexon Adapts 52 channel NeuroTek commutator to two Plexon headstages.
Adapt-PL-26-in-NTPlexon Adapts 26 channel NeuroTek commutator to one Plexon headstage.
Adapt-PL-OM-NTPlexonAdapts to Omniplex systemOmniplex