Adapting Us to You

NeuroTek products are adaptable to most electrophysiology companies (Plexon, Neuralynx, Open-Ephys, Triangle Biosystems, Warner Instruments, CED, AM-systems, Avatar). Below is a list of a few common adaptors which permit adaptation of headstages and data acquisition systems to NeuroTek. Feel free to ask us to custom design an adapter for any company.

Adapter NeuroTek CodeYour CompanyDescriptionImage
Adapt-Univ-50-NTANYAdapt commutator to any system.
USB2.0 Scope
Adapt USB2.0 microscope or video capture to NeuroTek Commutator. Also sends 28 channels of electrophys data Adapt-USB-Airborn-32-NT
Adapt-EP-32-NTIntan/Open Ephysiology
Adapts 32 Channel Neurotek commutator to 2 Intan headstages .
Adapt-TB-48-NTTriangle Biosystems Adapts 2 Triangle Biosystems headstage to the input of a 48 channel commutator.
Adapt-NL-96-NTNeuralynxAdapts 3 Neuralynx headstages to 96 channel NeuroTek commutator.
Adapts 2 8 channel NeuroTek Headstages,
Custom wired for Neuralynx
Adapt-PL-52-out-NTPlexon Adapts 52 channel NeuroTek commutator, receiving input from 2 Plexon headstages, to a Plexon cable.
Adapt-PL-52-in-NTPlexon Adapts 52 channel NeuroTek commutator to two Plexon headstages.
Adapt-PL-26-in-NTPlexon Adapts 26 channel NeuroTek commutator to one Plexon headstage.
Adapt-PL-OM-NTPlexonAdapts to Omniplex systemOmniplex